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The game changes when you choose this

The game changes when you choose this

Ideas are great

But when you are always putting others before yourself they get forgotten

You may have every intention to go to the gym or write a book but if your doing favours after favours for everyone they get put on the back burner

When you choose yourself however

The game changes

Because you know you are going to choose what benefits your life first

You choose what will push you forward and not pull you back

Then once you have done what you need to do then if you want to you can help others out

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Not for you

Not for you

The diet that’s working for your friend isn’t for you
Nor is their training program

The investment your family member is trying to get you in on isn’t for you

Nor is that career path everyone telling you to do because its family tradition

It’s not for you.

What’s for you is what works for you not them.

Go to uni and study what you want, not what your parents want,

Do the diet and exercise program that you can stick too for life because it works for you not them…

Follow your own path, because their life is not for you, you have to make yours your own

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You are the difference.

You are the difference.

When you look around and you know something is wrong but nobody is speaking up, then you know the responsibility falls on you.

When you want to make more money but your friends or family don’t want the extra hassle, then the responsibility is on you,

When you want to get in shape but your friends don’t want to workout with you then you get the point…

We look around, We look to others in hopes that they do what we know we should be doing…

But this is unacceptable,

Nobody is as brave as you, Nobody thinks like you, So if you want to make a difference…

Then you need to become the difference.