Get yourself some experience now

All a writer really has is experienceIf you intend to write, start to get yourself some experience now -Michael Baldwin I get asked how I come up with content every day, I read a lot and I’m human so I have experiences Experience, no matter what craft your in, helps you become better, even ifContinue reading “Get yourself some experience now”

Plunge in anyway

No choice but to plunge in anyway – Steven Pressfield In the authentic swing notes from Steven Pressfield first novel He talks about sometimes a writer doesn’t know what the theme of a book is before or during writing But he says that’s fine we just have to plunge in anyway Meaning do the workContinue reading “Plunge in anyway”

The best page ever written

A new page. Every single day is a blank piece of paper. You are your pen. How are you going to write your day? Are you just going to copy yesterday’s page or are you going to write the best page you have ever written.