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Who are you beyond the labels.

Who are you beyond the labels.

Who Am I.

Is the question I was told to ask myself today on the Wake Up Warrior Challenge.

Who Am I?

Who am I beyond the labels I was given?

Who am I beyond the stories I tell myself.

Who we are is normally the story we tell ourselves the most.

The storey we believe the most.

You are not worthy – Is Just a story
You are a failure – Is just a story
You are… Is the story you tell yourself.

Who are you?

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Like for Likes

Like for Likes

I get the idea of like for likes,

You like someone’s post and they like yours so you both support each other the same with follow for follow and other stuff like that…

But the issue for me is how do you know someones actually liking your content for the content and just for something in return?

I would rather like someone’s content because I actually liked their stuff and expect nothing in return

and I would prefer someone to do that with my content too.

That way I know I’m actually reaching people and that there work is generally good too.

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You’re Worthy

You’re worthy of wealth
You’re worthy of good health
You’re worthy of having a good relationship
You’re worthy of having a good career
You’re worthy of travelling
If the Mjolnir was real you’d be worthy of that too

You’re worthy of anything you want to do or achieve. Never feel like your not good enough to do something or that you could never achieve something,

You don’t need to do anything special to be worthy of anything, You were deemed worthy when you were born.

Now that you know you are worthy, you do need to do the work though…

The work you are capable of doing.