Sign a contract with yourself

Sign a contract with yourself You punch in at your work, do your hours, take your breaks when scheduled, do what the contract requires, then leave Yet our ideas, whether that’s going to the gym or reading or saving We just free ball it We go if we feel like it, or put money intoContinue reading “Sign a contract with yourself”

Comfort is the enemy

Comfort is the enemy-J Cole When Cole was talking about how he didn’t become a professional basketball player he said that it was because he wasn’t putting in the work, He said he was playing ball every day, but he wasn’t working with coaches and practicing drills, he was pretending to do something… Then whenContinue reading “Comfort is the enemy”

Everything you don’t want

Everything you don’t want Is exactly what you need What you don’t want to do, see or hearIs what it takes to succeed in any form of success Long term commitment, slow results and hard work In relationships for example (and I know this isn’t everyone’s) but I see a lot on social media manyContinue reading “Everything you don’t want”

The picture isn’t reality

The picture isn’t reality. You can put a dog,cat, rabbit… whatever in a picture and they look cute. You can see a couple in a photo and think they are a dream couple and wish you had what they had Pictures are captured in a second and a normally staged. The reality is yeah petsContinue reading “The picture isn’t reality”