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This is the power of silence, Grow silently

A seed grows with no noise, but a tree falls with huge sound, Destruction is loud but creativity is silent, This is the power of silence, Grow silently

I’m gonna
I’m gonna
I’m gonna

No, you’re probably not

I’ve had conversations like this all the time and looking back I’ve said my fair shares of I’m gonnas

I lot of them the ‘Not’ Was silent

I’ve also been on the receiving end of someones I’m gonna

There ‘Not’ Was also silent

I find it more powerful now to just say oh yeah I’ve done this by the way

And show the work I’ve actually done

If your ‘im gonna’ has gone on for over a week and you haven’t done anything to get started

Just tell your sell your full of shit and move on

At least then you can do something of use with yourself

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How we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives

How we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives – Anne Dillard.

Your reading this because you’ve logged onto social media I don’t know whether that it’s for the 1st time today during a quick break or its the 20th time in the space of 15 minutes and you’ve run out of things to read…

Hopefully, it’s the former not the latter.

If you spend your days killing time looking for an escape on reality then your life will resemble this and one day when you look back you will realise that your life was lived ‘killing time’

If you live out your days with meaning and passion your life will reflect meaning and passion, you will most likely have done something of meaning and eventually leave the world better than when you arrived.

Whatever you do today live it out how you want to live your life

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A divided mind will fall (Part 2)

A divided mind will fall (Part 2)

Sometimes you need to fall.

Sometimes you need to hit the bottom.

At the bottom, you can find the resources to spark that fire that fell through the cracks of the middle.

At the bottom, there is nowhere to go but up.

At the bottom, we learn the dangers of a divided mind

At the bottom, we learn that comfort is a disguise for scared and lazy and we know where there leads…

Sometimes we need to fall in order to rise

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“I am”

‘I Am’…

Possibly the strongest and truest statement you can make…

Are the words that follow ‘I am’

As soon as that statement has been made, Your mind will go out of its way to make that statement appear true, pointing out things that confirm your belief and filtering out the stuff that it thinks you don’t want to see…

So be careful when your ‘I am’ follows this path…

I am a failure,
I am a terrible writer
I am fat
I am destined for bad stuff to happen to me
I am [Bad Thing Here]

You are if you say you are, so make it…

I am – A success
I am – Fit and Healthy
I am – destined to be stronger than the bad stuff that happens to me
I am… A Titan (Originally written for my companies FB page – Titan Strength Academy)

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Persist and Resist

‚ÄúPersist and Resist.” Epictetus

Remember your in this for the long run, till the whistle blows and knowing that you know that every second is yours to use.

You don’t need to worry about the other team, the scoreboard, what who and what have done as long as that clock is ticking you can turn the game around…

By Persisting in your efforts even when things aren’t going so good…

And resisting distractions that stop you from persisting that is the only way we can get ‘so far As I can see no way out but through’ (Yesterday’s post)