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Your order is on its way

Your order is on it’s way

I told myself I wasn’t going to buy any more books until I have finished some of my ever growing to be read pile

But when I’m tired like very tired, doing anything takes a lot of effort so I I browse Amazon

And before I know it my book pile is even bigger

Because when I’m tired I lack discipline.

But observing this I can now work out a plan to stop or at least know I’m about to do it and uninstall the app or something.

It pays to know what your triggers are so you can work out a plan to counteract them

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What Stands In The Way

What Stands in the way, becomes the way

  • Marcus Aurelius

Sometimes we get that obstacle, that effects your whole life for the rest of it

This obstacle could be like a bad chapter (see yesterday’s post)

Or it could just be another chapter in a great story

Recently I’ve been diagnosed with Asthma, Now I could let this hold me back and stop me from doing things and use it as an excuse

Or now that I know what I have, i can learn how to manage it and then excel, maybe not the way I would have liked but since it stands in the way

It has become the way

Obstacles are not dead ends

Unless you let them