The trials we encounter

The trials we encounter will introduce us to our strengths – Epictetus We all know someone who talks the big game, but then something comes up and they’re nowhere to be seen (maybe its you) Then theirs that shy timid person who you never hear a peep out of but something challenges them and allContinue reading “The trials we encounter”

Thank you for exposing me

Thank you for exposing me 2020 as we know wasn’t the best year… I had some ups and downs but funny enough I got to travel more in 2020 than I have any other year Most of us are glad to see the end of it, But after some reflectionI’m grateful that it happened ItContinue reading “Thank you for exposing me”

Motivation… Is weak

External motivation is weak. Because it relies on something or someone else. I remember the late nights watching rocky 4 for like the 100th time, I used to get so motivated and want to run for miles… But in the late morning or afternoon whenever I woke That motivation was gone. And the exercise neverContinue reading “Motivation… Is weak”