Love Yourself First

Love Yourself First It’s the day of Romance apparently (Even though I don’t think doing the same as everyone else is Romantic and more forced but okay) But regardless of whether or not you have a partner, The most important thing you can do love is yourself. Because you are the one who is goingContinue reading “Love Yourself First”

Be Your Own Velentin

‘Be Your Own Valentin’ (I wrote this last year, Don’t think I actually published it on here) Its that day where all couples feel special and loved up and shove it in the faces of the single people, whom most may feel down and unloved and not so special… Some couples may fall out becauseContinue reading “Be Your Own Velentin”

Stop wishing you were elsewhere

Yeah, it could be better, But what you have right now is pretty awesome. We know you could be on a beach somewhere,Or tomorrow on Valentine’s day, you could be on a nice date but you won’t be. But you’ll still have each other and that’s all that matters in the end. In any situation,Continue reading “Stop wishing you were elsewhere”