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Be Your Own Velentin

‘Be Your Own Valentin’

(I wrote this last year, Don’t think I actually published it on here)

Its that day where all couples feel special and loved up and shove it in the faces of the single people, whom most may feel down and unloved and not so special… Some couples may fall out because one half didn’t make the other one feel loved enough and others feel super special because they’ve been showered with gifts… (Is it really special though if you’re doing the same thing every other couple is doing… Just a thought)

The whole day and how people generally (not everyone) feel about it is based on validation from an outside source… Another person.

Whether you’ve woken up alone with not even a hint of cupid, or your partner has only spent £2.50 on a last-minute attempt to keep you happy (The monster) Or your partner has spent your rent money on gifts just to prove they love you shouldn’t change how you feel about yourself.

Whether someone loves you or not is out of your control, That person is also not responsible for your happiness or making you feel special.

Only you are and only you can control those elements and you can control them 365 days a year not just today.

Be your own valentines by taking responsibility for your own self-worth and stop giving that responsibility to others.

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Stop wishing you were elsewhere

Yeah, it could be better,

But what you have right now is pretty awesome.

We know you could be on a beach somewhere,
Or tomorrow on Valentine’s day, you could be on a nice date but you won’t be.

But you’ll still have each other and that’s all that matters in the end.

In any situation, you’ll always have yourself

You can always get the best out of any situation but not if your thinking about how things could be or how things used to be.

At the moment you have to enjoy it, whether you’re on a date or working out in your living room.

And if you want to change how things are, then you also need to be that change rather than waiting on someone else.

But you have to stop wishing you were elsewhere