Rome Final Chapter

Rome the final chapter After 4200 steps yesterday I was done. I walked passed the Colosseum which to my surprise was very quiet, the bars around the area are normally busy at 9pm but hardly a soul around. Walking up a bit further by the forum the bar there is normally full aswell, about fiveContinue reading “Rome Final Chapter”

Having good intentions

Having Good intentions But bad effort Anyone can have the best intentions, The best intention to get in shape before a holiday, revise for a test, read a book, well there’s loads of examples. Whenever I go abroad I always said I would learn the language or some of it at least, I’ve bought audiobooks,Continue reading “Having good intentions”

Lonely thoughts

Loneliness is something I’ve struggled with since about 2017 before that I had been in a couple of long term relationships since I was 18 so it never affected me being an introvert and all that. I’ve always had a small circle of friends plus my relationships so I had always been great. As IContinue reading “Lonely thoughts”

Roma part 3

I found a place to eat last night although wasn’t very hungry so just had a salad and 3 strawberry daiquiris Man they were strong I’m also pretty sure that blond girl I fell in love with was in there too (No I didn’t speak to her) After becoming very drunk, I romed around theContinue reading “Roma part 3”

Roma part 2 – No agenda

I was planning on doing 19 days in Italy but the way the uk is being run its likely we’re going into a second lockdown. Even these 4 days I’m taking a risk. Last minute I decided to just go to rome again but up until then the 19 days i had no agenda butContinue reading “Roma part 2 – No agenda”