Beautiful nothingness

Beautiful nothingness We live in a noisy world Noise everywhere, people arguing,talking, cars and trucks, planes, TV, radio… Even on social media its just noise, noise, noise… And this noise drowns out the noise in your head,No time to think just trying to process all the noise going on Then you sit down in theContinue reading “Beautiful nothingness”

We all know what happens when we think

In golf, player has time to think. …And we all know what happens when we have time to think. Steven Pressfield I was going to go on a hike the other day and wanted to try somewhere new So I opened a hiking app and started looking for somwhere to go After sifting through loadsContinue reading “We all know what happens when we think”

The Idea Of Change & Change Are Completely Different.

The Idea Of Change & Change are completely different. We all think about change,We all talk about change, How we are going to do something… But how much of what we say do we actually do… Not a lot. Because we like the idea, but we don’t like the work, the effort required or theContinue reading “The Idea Of Change & Change Are Completely Different.”