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We all know what happens when we think

In golf, player has time to think. …And we all know what happens when we have time to think.

Steven Pressfield

I was going to go on a hike the other day and wanted to try somewhere new

So I opened a hiking app and started looking for somwhere to go

After sifting through loads I started looking at the parking situation for these hikes

Anyway long story short I over thought the parking situation and ended up not going

When we think as Steven Pressfield points out in the game of golf it can cause us to buckle under the pressure of our own mind

Sometimes we have to just act without thinking

However that being said I did go for a hike yesterday without thinking drove and hour and half to get there and there was no parking other than a car park that only took cash so I had to drive all the way home as I had none on me

So sometimes its okey to think a little and plan ahead but the end result is we must act

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The Idea Of Change & Change Are Completely Different.

The Idea Of Change & Change are completely different.

We all think about change,
We all talk about change,

How we are going to do something…

But how much of what we say do we actually do…

Not a lot.

Because we like the idea, but we don’t like the work, the effort required or the commitment.

If you actually want to change, we have to change.

We have to do that work required.

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Beyond that, who I am depends on what you want me to be

Beyond that, who I am depends on what you want me to be’

– The way of the peaceful warrior

I can’t imagine you doing that.
You.. doing that c’mon

You could run through buildings saving people from fires, but people would still perceive you how they want to perceive you and not for the hero you actually are

No matter what you do or how you act, who you are in the eyes of others is actually well out of our control.

Who we truly are, we will only know

I think the best example of this is when some bullshit stories get published about a celebrity,

Or someone gets falsely accused of something

The celebrity will always be branded as whatever the papers published

And the falsely accused person, even after they were proven innocent, in the eyes of others will always be shamed by what they didn’t do.

So all we can do is stay true to ourselves, do what we think is best for us and whatever anyone else thinks,

Well let them think that, because we do it to them too