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Small hinges

Small hinges open big doors.

Small actions create big changes

Yet we never focus on the small actions or small hinges.

We wanna do it big

We want to go all out

We want the over night success

Yet that normally leaves us overwhelmed and quitting after 2 weeks

When we haven’t become a crypto millionaire or lost 10 years of bad habits over 2 weeks

But the small actions over time lead to big results, lasting results

Results that we could never achieve with the random acts of bigness

Where in your life can you go small to do big

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I was ready to give up

I was ready to give up


On the Joe Rogan podcast, The Undertaker tells a story of how he got into wrestling and his first match with a credible company.

He said he would turn up every week to this company’s office, and wait in the lobby hoping to talk to somebody,

Every week on a Wednesday, for 8 months he showed up and nobody talked to him.

He explains he was just about to give up because he was getting nowhere

And this one guy walks in (Doesn’t talk to him) and goes into the office and says we need to give that guy a match (Because he looked like the guy’s late son)

8 Months of being ignored, making no money and getting virtually nowhere.

That’s what success looks like in a world of instant gratification.

In a world where everyone wants 1-hour results.

8 months just to get a shot in the ring (The company didn’t even sign him, they sent him elsewhere.)

Play the long game.

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Hello Is This The Undertaker

Hello is this the undertaker

On the Joe Rogan podcast, The Undertaker was telling the story of how he became the Undertaker.

And he had, had the meeting with Vince Mcmahon and he was just waiting and one day he got a phone call and all it said was ‘Hello is this The Undertaker’

And he was like I have no idea who The Undertaker was but I was like yeah it’s the Undertaker.

And the rest is history.

Sometimes we have to take a chance even though we don’t have all the details in front of us.

Sometimes we have to be like yeah and then wonder what the hell we have got ourself into.

Will it always work out, No.

But will it work out if we don’t say yeah…

100% No

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The day that changes your life

The one day you get lazy could be the one day that changes your life

The day you ease off the gas could be the day that you close that deal, that your boss recognises your hard work or some of your work goes viral

On the other hand, the day you have a lazy one, could be the day you realise that what your doing isn’t working for you, or you have a random life changing idea whilst lounging in bed.

There is no right or wrong in life, different things have different effects

The day you do this could be the day that

Or the day you that then this could happen

If you miss an opportunity, there will be others, even taking an opportunity you could miss out on others

What you do or dont will always reveal another path

The day you do or dont do anything could be the day that changes your life