And another to eat them

It’s one thing to put bread and wine away in a store room and another to eat them – Epictetus Epictetus makes the point that eating bread and wine gets used and absorbed by the body whereas just leaving on the shelves does nothing until eaten and compares it to philosophy (and other studies) WhatContinue reading “And another to eat them”

Study what?

Study what?if you don’t learn these things to put into practice, why learn them in the first place?– Epictetus Why do you read or take that course, or watch those how to videos and not implement what you have studied. To say I know that? Studying on it’s own is useless, knowledge on it’s ownContinue reading “Study what?”

Be A Student Of Your Game

Be A Student Of Your Game Ryan Holiday posted an Instagram post sometime back and someone asked him how he reads so much His response was firstly I’m a writer so I get paid to read because if I don’t I can’t write In Steven Pressfields War of art our turning pro (I can’t rememberContinue reading “Be A Student Of Your Game”

A day in the life of

Looking back over the years its pretty amazing to see how much one can change Sometimes that change happens at random through an event or person Other times its intentional through study, exercise and personal development A lot of the change over my life was random until the last 3-4 years when I started doingContinue reading “A day in the life of”