Stress and The Brain

This is a chapter from Your Head Is Not An Island, Click Here to get your free copy Stress has been known to literally shrink the brain (59,90) as well as disrupting brain function and promoting inflammation. Stress is notorious for being difficult to define. It encompasses all kinds of stimuli of varying amounts ofContinue reading “Stress and The Brain”

So You’ve Had A Bad Day…

So You’ve Had A Bad Day… Well, you are human who experiences emotions so you are going to have a bad day every now and then. Bad days are a normal part of life sometimes we have bad weeks, When we have deadlines to hit, or we’ve experienced a breakup or something… The issue comesContinue reading “So You’ve Had A Bad Day…”

Laughter is the key

Start with a joke. It’s easy to overthink things, And let the pressure pile up, Maybe it’s for a presentation or you are just trying to think of an opening line to message someone you like… Sometimes laughter if the way. It lightens the mood and takes the seriousness out of whatever you’re doing. AndContinue reading “Laughter is the key”

Shes strong but shes tired

Shes strong but shes tiredHer eyes are wiredShes been fightingNon stopAn invisible enemyThe world thinks shes gone madThat shes weak and lazyBut they’re the ones that are crazyThey couldn’t imagine the battles she facedThey couldn’t fight the battles shes had to faceIf they were in her placeThey wouldn’t be able to copeThey would give upContinue reading “Shes strong but shes tired”

Lonelyer than space

They say in space nobody can hear you screamBut that’s true on Earth tooBecause we scream inwardsWhilst outwards we project a smileWhich we keep up for a whileBut as soon as were aloneWe scream and shoutBut away from the window because we don’t want anybody to knowSo we never show, how we truly feel onContinue reading “Lonelyer than space”