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For so long you have dreaded what happens in a moment

For so long you have dreaded what happens in a moment


And in another moment its gone and you breath and you think was that what I spent so much time dreading

And then as time moves forward there will be another moment we dread and the cycle continues

Yet most of the time what we dread is never as bad as we thought it would be and the bad things we do face well we handle them better than our imagination

Obviously fear and worrying have been ingrained in us for many thousands of years so to say dont worry is like telling someone to not hold their breath for too long

Breathing is natural and so is worrying and fear.

But there is ways we can reduce the amount of time we spend worrying as it is pretty unproductive

And that is to take action

Can you take action on the thing your worrying about

Yes > take action, then you wont have to worry about it anymore

No > take action on something you can do, it’ll take your mind off your worries and then at least you have done something and spend countless days worrying when there is nothing you can do.

We always suffer more in our heads than in reality (think that quote was seneca also)

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What Stands In The Way

What Stands in the way, becomes the way

  • Marcus Aurelius

Sometimes we get that obstacle, that effects your whole life for the rest of it

This obstacle could be like a bad chapter (see yesterday’s post)

Or it could just be another chapter in a great story

Recently I’ve been diagnosed with Asthma, Now I could let this hold me back and stop me from doing things and use it as an excuse

Or now that I know what I have, i can learn how to manage it and then excel, maybe not the way I would have liked but since it stands in the way

It has become the way

Obstacles are not dead ends

Unless you let them

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Walking the streets of Rome, Maybe one day I’ll call this my home,

For the first time in a while I haven’t felt alone, I just felt at home.

Love at first sight, seeing the might of the Colosseum, She took my breath away,

Yet so many lost their breath when they faced death… or glory

Such a reminder, Memento Mori. So many stories of this period of history

Roaming around Rome, I just feel at home, You just can’t help but admire the might of the Roman Empire.

Home of the stoics, But that’s not really true, because a stoic is home wherever they are, Trying to control rage in a cage or they’ve just been exiled for a while. No matter the age the stoics aspire to become the sage

Even though we only saw a small part of Rome, My heartfelt at home, Every ancient building was a work of art, What more can I say, I’ve learnt to be patient after all Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I’m just roaming the streets of Rome, My heart feels at Home

Note – I do not class myself as a poetry writer its just a fun hobby I’ve taken up to challenge different writing styles.

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The Dance Of Death

Will it be today, I don’t know.
Maybe tomorrow I’ll go

I can feel her watching down on my every move.
I’m a puppet in her play, Will she give my character another day.

She smiles down on me and all I can do is smile back,
After all, what’s the point in frowning,
One day she’ll take her shot and hit the spot

Till then I’m dancing to her beat,
Just moving my feet, Fast enough to last enough to make something count.

It won’t be long till I come to the end of her song and take my last breath.

This is the dance of death

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Don’t be a puppet to External Events.

Events affect our feelings and our feelings affect our actions,

We can have the best intentions of eating healthy and exercising but then some event affects your mood and instead of eating that salad or whatever you opt for the feel-good fast food take out and then go to the bar after work instead of the gym (Obvs none of these are happening right now)

Events are out of our control, we don’t control the traffic or the train being delayed, or a global outbreak that f*cks the world up, so why would we let something out of our control affect our mood and therefore actions.

How many opportunities have we missed because of this.

We don’t control outside events but we can control how we act.

When we control how we act we also control how we feel, Take control of what you can, Don’t be a puppet to External Events.