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Great this is new information

Great this is new information

-Elon Musk if Aliens turned up.

I loved that response because it was so laid back and chilled,

When problems and situations come up in life we tend to panic and react.

We don’t look at it as new information to work off,

It’s a problem and it’s holding us back.

Maybe we should reframe our problems as new information.

Like oh, I’m injured, what did I miss and how can use this in the future.

Interesting how did that not work out, where did we go wrong…

This would be a lot more useful than just reacting and stressing and we would make a lot more progress in life.

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Who was she I’ll never know
Beauty out of this world
She had a breathtaking glow
As soon as she came into my world
I had to watch her go
Lost in the night
Like a UFO

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Lonelyer than space

They say in space nobody can hear you scream
But that’s true on Earth too
Because we scream inwards
Whilst outwards we project a smile
Which we keep up for a while
But as soon as were alone
We scream and shout
But away from the window because we don’t want anybody to know
So we never show, how we truly feel on our face
Sometimes earth can be as lonely as space.

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The universe owes you nothing

The universe owes you nothing

The universe is a cosmic beauty that I far from understand, but I’m pretty certain it is not a catalogue of your wildest dreams

I’m pretty sure it’s not giving you signs to follow or conspiring against you.

The universe by chance gave us life, what more could you ask of it.

To give you a Lamborghini? For everything to go right today?

Nah life on earth is just as random as the universe

So don’t be mad or upset that things didn’t go your way, be mad at yourself for not managing your expectations