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Deep in a Mans Heart

Deep in a mans heart are questions that can not be answered in the office or at the kitchen table.

These questions can only be answered out there in life…

Who Am I?

What Am I Made Of?

What Am I Destined For?

These questions and ourselves get suppressed when we are at the office answering questions and hitting deadlines

Fear keeps us at home or in the office. Fear stops us from seeking the answers to those questions.

Yet deep down in the soul we crave them,

The soul cannot be harnessed

The soul doesn’t know of deadlines

The soul only knows passion and a longing for life.

So get out into the world and discover who you are and what you are made of.

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-To put something of yourself into your work

There is a huge reason why many people say their jobs are soul-destroying, All they are putting in is their time,

There is none of their own love going into their work, None of their heart or soul, Just turning up hoping to get away as soon as possible…

‘Is it worth the aggravation
To find yourself a job when there’s nothing worth working for?’


Now I know in today’s economy, many would dream of having a job right now and those with are lucky to have one…

And were not in a position to pick and choose.

But your work and Meraki isn’t just your day job.

It’s your art, it’s you.

Your job may be soul-destroying at times but what you do after that could save it.

What you do for intrinsic motivation (Read my ebook on Mental health for more on Intrinsic motivation) for the sake of pure joy a make those days that are hard to get up on totally worth it