We see things they’ll never see

We see things they’ll never see Oasis We as a species are social creatures and we got here by working together, Working alone we probably wouldn’t have made it this far and if we did we probably wouldn’t be top of the food chain. We look out for each other, we keep eachother safe inContinue reading “We see things they’ll never see”

We need each other

We need each other It’s how we got here. We got here through cooperation as tribes, Working together to get food, look after the young and staying alive. Being isolated meant almost certain death. Today that feeling sticks with us, If we are lonely our stress levels go up, we perceive more things as threats,Continue reading “We need each other”

Those who are hardest to love

Those who are hardest to love, need it the most Socrates This is true, Those who are socially awkward and struggle with human connections also need connection the most. Absence of these things trigger responses in our brains that heighten our sensitivity to human signals, but this could lead us to overlook or overthink theContinue reading “Those who are hardest to love”

Lonely thoughts

Loneliness is something I’ve struggled with since about 2017 before that I had been in a couple of long term relationships since I was 18 so it never affected me being an introvert and all that. I’ve always had a small circle of friends plus my relationships so I had always been great. As IContinue reading “Lonely thoughts”