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The beauty of flowers (& You)

I used to hate buying flowers,

I thought what’s the point, they’re expensive and they die in a week if that.

Rip off.

It wasn’t until I bought a rose for a girl that I realised how much that week of beauty can make.

The smile, the excitement, the joy… from a flower.

Amazing (kind of wish it didn’t take me 6 years to realise but hey ho)

But it also made me realise that if a flower can do that in a week, imagine the effect that you have when you enter someone’s life.

The beauty you bring.
The joy
The happiness.

Yes flowers die, yes they’re expensive.

But we die too.
And life is expensive.

Its everything that happens in between.

Life is beautiful.
And so is the effect you have on people in your life.

We are all flowers.

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Forever Young

Time doesn’t fly we do
Time doesn’t pass by we do
The universe is forever young
Remaining in the present
We pass from moment to moment
Tha past gone, it never lasts
The future never arrives its imaginary

We age but the universe is forever young
Ten, twenty, one hundred years
Nothing but a pin prick in time
A blink in the eye for a star

The universe is forever young
Only we age, in time
The universe recycles the elements
Renewing and revamping its self
Staying in the present,
whilst we move from moment to moment
Flying by
Passing by
We say goodbye universe
Faster than we could say hello

Time doesn’t pass by, we do
Time doesn’t fly we do
The universe is forever young