Nice Things

You can’t have nice things, can you… Is what many people say when something gets damaged, It was also what my Uncle said to me yesterday when he noticed a mark on my car… It reminded me of a quote from Seneca “Remember that all we have is “on loan” from Fortune, which can reclaimContinue reading “Nice Things”

Negative Visualisation

What Is Negative Visualisation? Why on earth would anyone want to Visualise negatively? Lets first recap on part 1 >> The Problems with The Law of Attraction << The law of attraction is a way of thinking positively towards attracting the things you want… Stuff like – A nice house A nice Car Lots ofContinue reading “Negative Visualisation”

Practice Misfortune

We get accustomed to a certain way of life, It’s pretty comfortable and we like comfort. We have our Clothes and Coffee, Our T.V & Sofa, Access to food almost instantly… Back in the day when I was in Uni ‘Living The Good Life’ – Or my idea of what the good life was backContinue reading “Practice Misfortune”