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Actions and Loneliness

Actions and Loneliness
Nobody is coming to save you…

There was a period in the past 12 months where I experienced chronic loneliness, If you follow my blog you would have seen poems reflecting that.

I started sedating with Whiskey every night to try and dull the emptiness I was feeling.

I’ve never been good with communicating with people I don’t know (Like starting conversations and have always been useless on dating apps like tinder) these feelings compounded during lockdown – like no one wants to date even if they did we’re in a lockdown kind of thoughts…

So I would always sign up for dating apps but wait for people to message me first and when they didn’t I would delete the app and feel even lonelier

It got to a point where I was like fuck this, this shit can’t go on anymore, I need to take action

So I found the worst opening line invented so bad it was good and just sent it to everyone I matched with…

I got unmatched
I got laughed at
But I also got responses
and conversations
and dates…

The point is, Nobody is coming to save us.

We need to take action.

This applies to our health, wealth, relationships
There is something we can take action on today.

Screenshot of the opener and me getting launched at

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What should I do from now on?

What should I do from now on?

Situations happen, we mess up, or somebody or something messes up…

And when it does its easy to focus on who, what or why it has messed up…

But to a degree this is pointless because whatever has happened has happened and focusing on that wont change that…

But if you switch the focus to what should I do from now on

It allows you to move forward and be productive, to make a change in the present to improve the future…

Yeah shit happens but it doesn’t mean we have to sit in it

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Treat yourself like you are someone you are responsible for helping

Treat yourself like you are someone you are responsible for helping

Jordan Peterson

We drop everything we’re doing at a moments notice for a friend or family member in need and our pets too.

We make sure they’re alright, give them everything they need…

But when it comes to us,

We will procrastinate, forget our own advice, push back till another day, forget to take our medication or vitamins…

Yet if we are Ill and dont look after ourselves, how can we look after other people, how can we help them if we have run ourselves into the ground…

We must look after ourselves first and foremost so that we can look after everyone else