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Being inferior or feeling inferior isn’t bad
It drives us to take a step forward and improve

We’ve all heard the stories of people who couldn’t read who studied harder than everyone else and became top of the class

Or someone who got locked up, taught themselves law and beat their own case

Feeling inferior is a motivator

However you can not let that feeling become an anchor

I.e I’m not smart enough so their is no point in trying

I’m useless with women so I’m not going to bother talking to them as I’ll just get rejected

Being in this state of mind is cowardly. It takes courage to act on your weaknesses, as acting on them leads us into an unknown world where we don’t know what’s going to happen…

Staying in the inferior state allows us even though we’re not happy to be in a comfortable world where we know what’s going to happen…

Are you going to take that step or stay anchored down?

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Fear is always near

It’s not the absence of fear that makes us brave,

It’s how we act when fear is present.

Everyone gets scared, Everyone has something to fear.

I think everyone at some point has wanted to curl up into a ball and hide from the world, which is ok but great things get done when we feel that fear and face them anyway (I think that’s the name of a book.)

The future is uncertain, The way the world is right now, I definitely want to find a rock and hide under it.

But that will do no good.

Make a stand, don’t fear being afraid.

Fear is always near