Love today is Lonelier Than Me

It’s a different kind of love todayLove is a smile on InstagramPretending to be happy, For people, you will never seeYet that is the only time you both have smiled in a while… Love today is settling for your partnerWhilst swiping awayHoping for something better…And YetYou look at me and think aww he’s alone…I lookContinue reading “Love today is Lonelier Than Me”

Where’s all the love at?

Isn’t it sad that when I write words of painYou nod your head and remember a time when you felt the sameYet if I write words of love, peace and happinessYou scrunch your face and think I’m insaneIsn’t it sad that pain is universalYet where is all the love at?

There is a star inside of you

There is a star in you,I know you don’t believe itJust because the clouds block the night skyDoesn’t mean the stars fade awayThere is a star inside of youI know you don’t see itJust because the clouds block your mindYour star won’t fade away Remember that in the darkest nightsThat’s when the stars shine theContinue reading “There is a star inside of you”