Its not a sacrifice

It’s not a sacrifice They say you need to sacrificeTimeEnergy &Money To achieve things like HealthWealthRelationships But is it a sacrifice? Watching Netflix, eating fast food and sweets, playing on your phone whilst dating and similar examples that’s a sacrifice of time energy and money because you ain’t getting that time back… But when itContinue reading “Its not a sacrifice”

Choose Your Pain

Long term reward normally has a short term pain… For example I have Exercise induced asthma which is a weird combonation because long term, Exercise helps manage the asthma but short term after a run for example it causes a bit of a choughing fit. On the other end of the scale we have shortContinue reading “Choose Your Pain”

Suffering & Sacrifice (Free Ebook Chapter)

Level Up Your Life is my new eBook designed to take you from that rut your stuck in, Weather that be you hate your current fitness levels or your wanting to start a side hustle so you can eventually quit your job, To help you level up your whole life, from Leveling Up your socialContinue reading “Suffering & Sacrifice (Free Ebook Chapter)”