It’s ok to take a break

It’s ok to take a break We all have this idea of how what is acceptable in society or in our craft Work hard all the time, even when you’re sick, no breaks You must write every day if you want to be a writer, You need to eat nothing if you want to loseContinue reading “It’s ok to take a break”

What to do when your tired

What to do when your tired… Well that depends really… Are you a little tired or exhausted If your a little tired and find yourself always skipping your routine and breaking your habits Then you just lack dicipline After all there is always going to be days when we didn’t sleep as well as weContinue reading “What to do when your tired”

When you’ve got today

When you’ve got today Tomorrow doesn’t matter This year has been a test for everyone Its certainly tested my philosophy a lot. One thing that helps me is forgetting about tomorrow and just enjoying the day, taking my mind off things for a little while. There’s a lot going on in the world. These littleContinue reading “When you’ve got today”