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The struggle is good.

One of the most fascinating lessons I’ve absorbed about life is that the struggle is good.

Joe Rogan

The struggle of getting through a tough workout
Or a tough financial situation
Or anything really,

If you are actively trying to change the situation, Then no matter what happens you will grow from the struggle.

You will become someone completely different without you even realising it.

Struggles challenge you
Struggles change you
Struggles are good for you

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You have the opportunity

You have the opportunity

But that doesn’t mean you’ll take it.

Every day we have opportunities

I know because I have waisted many of them.

But every single day we have an opportunity to create, Yep even the way the world is right now we still have that opportunity.

To create change in our life, To create something great, To create meaning…

But just because the opportunity is there, Does not mean you will take it.

And just because the opportunity is there does not mean it will be handed to you, You are not entitled to the opportunities you have to earn them.

You have to go out there and do the work required.

Knowing this are you going to sit there and let another day slip by?
Or are you going to take the opportunity in front of you?

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The only way to learn is to live

The only way to learn is to live
– The midnight library

We’re going to make mistakes
We’re never going to get to right the first time
Or the second
Or the third

But just because we messed up doesn’t mean we can sit around and do nothing

We messed up and we’re going to do it again

Because that is life and that is how we learn

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A penny saved

A penny saved is still just a fucking penny
Dan lok

I really disagree with this quote, like yeah on the whole a penny isn’t a lot on it’s own, but added up with other pennies then eventually its going to amount to something.

But it’s also like saying oh its just £10 it doesn’t matter if you spend it…

Then before you know it you’ve spent over £100 on little £10 things…

From a different angle its like saying oh its only one apple it doesn’t matter if you eat it or not

A penny saved is the changed in thinking you are doing.

It means instead of spending you made a decision to cut back and one day itll be £100 saved etc

One apple isn’t much in the grand scheme of things but its the start to building habits.

A penny saved is a penny saved, well done.

The smallest things amount the biggest over time

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When you pulled out too soon.

When you pulled out too soon.

I was on this 5 day training program with Garret J White and he tells this story of when you put children through swim survival lessons

And as traumatic as it can be to watch you cannot pull the child out until they have passed training otherwise they’ll be traumatised for life and have panic attacks etc when they enter the water…

Now this applies to everything else we do in life too…

We try something new, it’s scary do we continue or quit?

I had a Road Traffic Collision once and was swiped along the motorway by an artic truck

Courtesy car arrived the next day and I was driving again, the day after back on the motorway… a little shaky but still on there.

Then I had to return the Car and didn’t bother getting a new one for like a year

And guess what

Since I hadn’t been on the motorway since the last time the simple thought of it petrified me, so I avoided them for another year…

I pulled out to soon aka not constantly going on them after the accident so the fear had grown in my mind

And I was traumatised so to speak…

Where across your life did you pull out too soon

And now the thought of doing x scares the hell out of you

And what can you start doing taking the steps to conquer that fear