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Hahaha… No

Hahaha… No

Following on from yesterdays post about fear cuts deeper than swords,

It happened,

One of my biggest fears actually happened!

and it was rather funny too…

Yesterday I talked about fear paralysing you in the moment at letting you live in regret for a long time afterwards for not trying…

You can read the post here

Well to reiterate my point that taking action is far better than living in regret and the worst that can happen is failure… or rejection.

Well, I literally got laughed at last night.

And the thought of being laughed at is far worse than actually being laughed at.

Fear would make you believe that being laughed at would kill you and there is no bouncing back from it (At least in my head)

Well, the reality is I didn’t die and neither will you…

So let’s go get it, people.

Let’s go get laughed at

P.s. Here is the response 😂 vv

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Remember, Today Is The Tomorrow You Worried About Yesterday

If your anything like me or like I used to be you can’t help but worry about what’s coming tomorrow…


(Tomorrow being an example of a scenario in the near future that you can’t avoid)

You worry so much about that certain scenario, It’s all you think about all day every day, It consumes you.

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