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The universe does not care if you are a nice person.

The universe does not care if you are a nice person.

You can’t sit around expecting good things to happen to you, expecting the universe to reward you for being nice.

You need to take action.

Because to be honest the universe probably does not even know you exist, We are about as relevant to the universe as a pebble on the beach…

So stop expecting the universe to reward you.

You want something, You want magic results, YOu want your life to change…

Then you need to take action.

You need to do the work.

And not just once, but every day until you have the results you want.

Then you need to keep on doing the work to maintain those results and do even more work to get different results.

Because that’s life

And the work never stops.

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Fairy tales aren’t real

Fairy tales arnt real

And they make no sense either. But they ruin reality.

Now don’t get me wrong I love anything nerdy that is make believe- like lord of the rings and star wars,

But that being said I’ve never let it ruin my expectations of reality either…

But I’m forever seeing things along the lines of

‘I’m looking for my prince charming’…

Now correct me if I’m wrong

Wasn’t prince charming the guy who couldn’t recognise the girl he danced with and had to put a slipper on the whole town or whatever?

How are people basing their love expectations on this?

Like seriously shouldn’t you be looking for your prince not so charming, but actually loves you for you and if you lost your shoe he could bring it straight to you…

Isn’t that real love or am I missing something?

Enjoy the storys but don’t let them ruin your expectations of reality.

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Fantasy can become reality.

Fantasy can become reality.

And reality becomes boring.

Are you bored right now, Bored with your phone, your car, your house, your job, your business, your partner…

Those things that one day was just a fantasy. Those things that you worked your ass off. We go through these phases in life where we just get boarded with reality. But it wasn’t always a reality.

Look back to where you were before you had this stuff and compare it to where you are now.

Look how far you’ve come.

Take that in for a moment, because it’s easy to push for the next target and the next.

But if you don’t appreciate then your on a never-ending treadmill.

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The importance of foundations.

The importance of foundations.

When the tide is high, what lays upon the surface is hidden,

Sharks, crabs, rocks, bones… are all hidden

When the tide goes out these are all exposed.

Life is like the tide and it’s why we need solid foundations.

When the tide is in and everything is running smoothly we cant see the rocks underneath us.

We have money, the good times are rolling…

But what happens when that tide goes out.

How is your relationship going to manage crashing on the rocks, how is your buisness going survive…

If you have solid foundations, you know what lies beneath the surface, you have focused on them even when they weren’t exposed.

So when the tide finally did go out, life carried on smoothly.

Unfortunately for most of us, when things are good, we hope they will last forever.

But the tide washes them away.

But life is pretty great in that every day we get to rebuild

So if you have lost it all, you can rebuild

If you are ignoring the rocks, you can start to have a contingency plan in place in order to prepare for the day things go south

Foundations are important.

Nothing would stand without them

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The picture isn’t reality

The picture isn’t reality.

You can put a dog,cat, rabbit… whatever in a picture and they look cute.

You can see a couple in a photo and think they are a dream couple and wish you had what they had

Pictures are captured in a second and a normally staged.

The reality is yeah pets are cute, but you still have to pick up their shit.

Yeah the couple may look cute and dreamy and you might resent your partner for not living up to that fantasy,

The reality though that couple didn’t even connect on that vacation, they spent it just posing for that one perfect picture

Stop basing your dreams on pictures you see,

They dont share the full story, they don’t share even half of it.

In life if you want something you have to do the work, and that work isn’t pretty. That work isn’t something you’ll see on social media.

Tune out of your phone and tune in to the real world.

It isn’t pretty, but at least its real