Off and on again…

When your always on and off The on is going to be 10x harder than the off Stopping and starting is a killer. The more you stop the harder it is to start again and the harder it is to keep going and get momentum. In terms of exercise the more you stop the harderContinue reading “Off and on again…”

It is an option

It is an option At some point we need to admit that it’s simply just not working And we need to move on It is an option Don’t let Instagram fool you Those influencers with their shitty quotes Not everything works out Life is not a movie Giving up allows you to move on MoveContinue reading “It is an option”

I was ready to give up

I was ready to give up Undertaker On the Joe Rogan podcast, The Undertaker tells a story of how he got into wrestling and his first match with a credible company. He said he would turn up every week to this company’s office, and wait in the lobby hoping to talk to somebody, Every weekContinue reading “I was ready to give up”

Restarting Hurts

Restarting hurts Restarting takes effort, it takes time to get back into the flow and making it a habit again. I injured both my ankles during lockdown, I could barely walk let alone exercise so I rested, Which turned into more resting and more before I knew it a couple of months had passed andContinue reading “Restarting Hurts”