The Diet After the Diet

So your diet is over, you’ve reached your goal weight (Congrats by the way), you feel proud after X amount of time and restricting your calories, resisting temptation of your ever-growing appetite.  The suffering is finally over and you’re ready to live life again. A month later you jump on the scale’s and slap yourselfContinue reading “The Diet After the Diet”

Perfection is an Anchor

Perfection is an Anchor It weighs you down and stops you from moving forward. When this is perfect I can do thisI can put it onto marketI can make some money or generate leads Stop those thoughts because they are stopping you from progressing and moving forward Perfection is the friend that looks like they’reContinue reading “Perfection is an Anchor”

Do you have a time machine?

Do you have a time machine? So that you can go back in time and change shit.. No So why dwell on it in the present. (Not a direct quote) But a quote from Kevin Harts the decision. We can’t go back and change the stuff we have done or haven’t. So all we canContinue reading “Do you have a time machine?”

Show up and contribute

Show up and contribute That’s how we gain traction and progress. Show up and contribute to your body every day by choosing to exercise and eat healthier (or contribute to developing an unhealthy one it works both ways) Show up and contribute to your partner, to your business, to your blog… I had something likeContinue reading “Show up and contribute”

The Weight and Filter of the past

The Weight and Filter of the past Is what we are basing our lives we live today on. What happened in the past does not equal your future… But when you look out of the horizon on your future, you are looking through a lens that is filtered from past mistakes. So you cannot getContinue reading “The Weight and Filter of the past”