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The Weight and Filter of the past

The Weight and Filter of the past

Is what we are basing our lives we live today on.

What happened in the past does not equal your future…

But when you look out of the horizon on your future, you are looking through a lens that is filtered from past mistakes.

So you cannot get past them and you are constantly living in the past today.

Which means you cannot progress because of this weight that’s dragging you down.

But this filter is from the past, right… So why should it determine what you do in the future?

Why should we be held back by a filter that isn’t even relevant anymore…

We shouldn’t…

So you need to find a way to let go of the weight and remove the filter so you can start living today.

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Lets just slow it down

Just Slow It Down…

Bigger, Faster, Better…

That’s what we want and we want it yesterday.

But when it comes to building a better body, better business, better relationships…

We need to slow it down.

Our bodies are the perfect example of this.

We try and lose 10 years of weight in 2 weeks, or we try and build 10 years of muscle in 2 weeks…

The results we do get aren’t sustainable.

Yeah, you may lose 25lbs but its the same 25lbs you’ve been losing for the last decade that you regain back and lose again.

Let’s slow it down, let’s get sustainable results.

Let’s have an awesome year where longevity is the main focus.

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The Foundations Need To Be Facts.

The Foundations Need To Be Facts.

We’re coming up into the new year, everybody’s thinking about where their life is heading and starts setting goals (or resolutions.)

You know how they go.

But one thing we normally miss out is that we forget to look at where we are deeply.

We say we’re going to do X but we don’t have a clue where A is. So we have no idea how to get to B let alone X.

The result is we dive straight for X and we can’t maintain X, so we quit.

The foundations of what we set our goals on need to be Facts otherwise everything we say is just going to be fiction.

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So your sad but why, coz you can’t fly
You feel stuck on the ground like your trapped in an impound
So your sad but why, coz you can’t fly

Yeah life isn’t always pretty
Sometimes we’ve got to get gritty
It feels like we’re not getting very far
Where are these wings, why can’t I sing
Damn I wish life would bring me some fortune

Don’t worry though, there is no hurry
Embrace the grind, you never know what you may find,
Don’t let social media blind you,
You are beautiful don’t you know

This process you are going through is amazing,
One day your looks will be blazing
Just call this phase the grazing days,
Relax and let the process begin
And remember beauty comes first from within

This is metamorphosis you are butterfly,
One day you will fly, sky high,
But stand by, I don’t want to petrify you
But metamorphosis is what you have to go through,
You see a caterpillar doesn’t get to sit in a villa, it has to work to gather strength from within, It doesn’t seem to travel very far to begin with,

Then it becomes the pupa, stuck in one spot, where on the outside it looks like there is not a lot going on but underneath the shield, its beauty is being wielded,

Transformation happens when no one else can see, not even you, but do you know what happens if you get through…
Well your gonna experience life from a whole nother view

So your sad but why, coz you can’t fly
You feel stuck on the ground like your trapped in an impound
So your sad but why, coz you can’t fly

Don’t you know that you’re a butterfly

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Chase Your Demons

Chase your demons

Like you chase your workouts,

Isn’t it crazy how we try and push our selves in the gym* so that we grow but we avoid it in other areas of our lives

(* Even going from not exercising to just signing up is a form of this)

Like we want to get fitter, stronger and healthier so we go a little bit harder in the gym constantly tailgating our new Personal Bests and not giving them a breather

Yet we avoid this principle in our day to day lives,

But growth doesn’t just occur in the gym if we want to grow as people like physically, mentally, financially then we are going to have to chase those demons and show them that we can give them hell like they make us live in when we don’t confront them.

Let’s grow, kill those demons