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So your sad but why, coz you can’t fly
You feel stuck on the ground like your trapped in an impound
So your sad but why, coz you can’t fly

Yeah life isn’t always pretty
Sometimes we’ve got to get gritty
It feels like we’re not getting very far
Where are these wings, why can’t I sing
Damn I wish life would bring me some fortune

Don’t worry though, there is no hurry
Embrace the grind, you never know what you may find,
Don’t let social media blind you,
You are beautiful don’t you know

This process you are going through is amazing,
One day your looks will be blazing
Just call this phase the grazing days,
Relax and let the process begin
And remember beauty comes first from within

This is metamorphosis you are butterfly,
One day you will fly, sky high,
But stand by, I don’t want to petrify you
But metamorphosis is what you have to go through,
You see a caterpillar doesn’t get to sit in a villa, it has to work to gather strength from within, It doesn’t seem to travel very far to begin with,

Then it becomes the pupa, stuck in one spot, where on the outside it looks like there is not a lot going on but underneath the shield, its beauty is being wielded,

Transformation happens when no one else can see, not even you, but do you know what happens if you get through…
Well your gonna experience life from a whole nother view

So your sad but why, coz you can’t fly
You feel stuck on the ground like your trapped in an impound
So your sad but why, coz you can’t fly

Don’t you know that you’re a butterfly

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Chase Your Demons

Chase your demons

Like you chase your workouts,

Isn’t it crazy how we try and push our selves in the gym* so that we grow but we avoid it in other areas of our lives

(* Even going from not exercising to just signing up is a form of this)

Like we want to get fitter, stronger and healthier so we go a little bit harder in the gym constantly tailgating our new Personal Bests and not giving them a breather

Yet we avoid this principle in our day to day lives,

But growth doesn’t just occur in the gym if we want to grow as people like physically, mentally, financially then we are going to have to chase those demons and show them that we can give them hell like they make us live in when we don’t confront them.

Let’s grow, kill those demons

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We need to practice

We don’t become virtuous by reading Epictetus or Seneca, We need to practice – Massimo Pigliucci

Practice, Practice, Practice that’s all we’re doing, all day every day,

The question is what are you practising?

Are you practising what you said you would or are you practising talking or quitting…

Talking about how you’re going to do this and how your going to do that Or quitting this because it didn’t work the first time

Jerry Seinfeld was booed off stage the first time he performed, did he quit… no, He practised

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Operating Systems

Operating Systems

They are the lively hood of any tech gadget, any video game and anything in the digital world.

Operating systems are always changing, improving and innovating, That’s why you probably throw out your phone every 12-18 months to upgrade it for the fancier version…

If a tech company introduced a new device with a poor operating system that was difficult to use the company would go bust, Becuase nobody wants a poor slow device…

Yet we function on an operating system too and most often in today’s day and ages our Operating systems are far from supersmooth and reliable,

Yet even me whos writing this at this moment in time I have a dull aching pain running from my hip to part of my lower back because I have neglected to improve or fix the glitch in my operating system.

The question is

Why are we quick to improve our gadgets but not ourselves?

Why are we quick to offer other people advice on how to improve theirs but we don’t follow our own advise?

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Failure Is Success

Failure Is Success

(At The Time of Writing I Was) Currently reading Rob Moores ‘I’m worth More’

One of the chapters is called – Failure Is Success

I’ve not read that chapter yet so it’ll be interesting to see if my take is similar to his.

When we fail at something we have succeeded in overcoming our fears, our resistance and doubts and actually taken action.

We’ve committed ourselves to the unknown

Like when you go in for a Personal Best, The weight is unknown, will you hit it, will you hurt yourself… We don’t know.

Hit the PB or fail

Your still a different person than you was before you tried

& That is where we succeed in failure.