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A divided mind will fall (Part 2)

A divided mind will fall (Part 2)

Sometimes you need to fall.

Sometimes you need to hit the bottom.

At the bottom, you can find the resources to spark that fire that fell through the cracks of the middle.

At the bottom, there is nowhere to go but up.

At the bottom, we learn the dangers of a divided mind

At the bottom, we learn that comfort is a disguise for scared and lazy and we know where there leads…

Sometimes we need to fall in order to rise

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A divided mind will fallĀ 

A divided mind will fallĀ  – Garret J White

When you want change but you’re scared of change, You will not change.

The fear will consume you, you will seek the comforts of what you know.

Rather than the uncertainty of change.

You will battle yourself daily, knowing that you should do something different but the voice in your head won’t let you.

You want change, you need to be certain that you want it, you can’t be torn between change and comfort (Old and New can’t live together remember) because comfort will win.

If your mind is split, dive deeper into why you want to change, take a look 5,10, 15 years down the line, how does your life look if you stay the same…

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“I am”

‘I Am’…

Possibly the strongest and truest statement you can make…

Are the words that follow ‘I am’

As soon as that statement has been made, Your mind will go out of its way to make that statement appear true, pointing out things that confirm your belief and filtering out the stuff that it thinks you don’t want to see…

So be careful when your ‘I am’ follows this path…

I am a failure,
I am a terrible writer
I am fat
I am destined for bad stuff to happen to me
I am [Bad Thing Here]

You are if you say you are, so make it…

I am – A success
I am – Fit and Healthy
I am – destined to be stronger than the bad stuff that happens to me
I am… A Titan (Originally written for my companies FB page – Titan Strength Academy)

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Old and New Can’t Live Together.

Old and New Can’t Live Together.

Ok this isn’t entirely true, if you go to Rome you’ll see ancient history blended into modern-day living and it makes one beautiful city (I think I’ve never been) Old and new clearly can live together there.


When it comes to me and you

Old cannot live with the New.

The old way of doing things and a new way of thinking that is.

You want to achieve that big goal. That requires a new way of thinking.

But thinking alone can’t change anything…

So you have to change the way you do things too,

You can’t want to lose weight, but still, do the things that made you gain the weight in the first place.

You can’t get rich by doing the stuff that got you broke…

Do you want change?

The old way has to be evicted.

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Fear Shows You The Quest

Fear Shows You The Quest – Aubrey Marcus

That one thing that keeps eating at you,

That one thing you keep pushing back,

Because the voice inside of you keeps telling you too…

The voice is scared, Scared of Growth.

Silence the voice,

Leave the comforts of the Shire.

Follow your Quest…