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Overcoming Resistance

“The amateur believes he must first overcome his fear; then he can do his work. The professional knows that fear can never be overcome.”

-Steven Pressfield, The War of Art

Imagine if Bilbo never left the shire, Or Luke Skywalker never went to the Death Star

Imagine that before they left the door, They talked themselves out of going, They made up excuses like ‘I forgot my handkerchief’, Or ‘I’m supposed to stay here and help on the farm’

The movies that we know and love would be incredibly short and our beloved heroes would just be Hobbits and Farmers.

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Blank paper

Blank paper

A blank page is the worst thing for an artist

Just staring at it knowing the work has not been done

Knowing resistance has won

On the contrary though a blank piece of paper is also an empty space for opportunity to be unravelled

Unlimited opportunity for creativity

But first the artist must overcome resistance and put pen to pad

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Sometimes procrastination is a good thing.

Sometimes doing nothing allows us to relax which activates a different brainwave state.

Like when were in the shower and we get the best ideas of our lives

When we procrastinate and we feel like we’re doing nothing all the stuff we have learnt or are processing and allowing this stuff to just process and come to frustration.

It may feel like we’re doing nothing but that nothing is needed to process our creations in the back of our minds.

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F*ck you to everyone

Fuck you to everyone

Your partner
Your parents
Your kids
Your friends
Your business
And to yourself

That’s what your saying when you procastinate

That’s what you say to them when you don’t do the work

Fuck you.

When you aren’t giving your all, when you aren’t being the person you can be.

Is that how you want to go down…
Saying fuck you to your gifts?

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Putting off till tomorrow, what should have been done two days ago

That’s procrastination.
That’s waiting time…
No wait that’s wasting life.

But its what we’re all experts at.
The resistance is deep within us all
It crops up when we least need it to.

Its cropped up thousands of times already today and it will pop up thousands of times again tomorrow.

It’s an enemy that will never be defeated, but it can be weakened by doing what you said you was going today.