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You’ve sidelined yourself

You’ve sidelined yourself

Now your watching the game of life play out in front of you.

Your watching others do the work you should be doing.

Your watching others get the results you should be getting.

Whilst you sit there and watch.

Whilst you sit there bitching and moaning.

But the stupid thing is…

You benched yourself.

But the good thing is…

You can unbench yourself, you can get up, you can do the work, you can stop moaning.

Because no one else is going to do it for you.

This game we call life…

Only you can control you.

So if you dont like where you are…

Change the way you are playing

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Questions appear as you do the Work

Questions appear as you do the Work

Trying to solve problems that don’t exist yet is procrastination

You may think its productive, but it isn’t

Because you never know what problems will show themselves and when you try and think of them all

There will be more

So you can never ask the question how do I solve this until it happens

And to do that you need to begin the work

Because when the wheels are in motion, problems are easier to solve than when you haven’t even begun

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What should I do from now on?

What should I do from now on?

Situations happen, we mess up, or somebody or something messes up…

And when it does its easy to focus on who, what or why it has messed up…

But to a degree this is pointless because whatever has happened has happened and focusing on that wont change that…

But if you switch the focus to what should I do from now on

It allows you to move forward and be productive, to make a change in the present to improve the future…

Yeah shit happens but it doesn’t mean we have to sit in it

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Be Fearless In Facing Them

Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers, but to be fearless in facing them.

Rabindranath Tagore

Hiding from problems, or wishing we never had any, Never doing anything risky will always make the problems or dangers 10x worse

I know I was fairly babied as a kid, I never thought my own battles so facing the real world as a grown-up was a challenge and required more learning than the average adult.

And I sometimes still try to avoid facing problems,

But I’ve learnt that it’s easier to just hit them head-on, it eliminates the fear because you don’t have time to think too much, you just do and at the moment you’ll find that you are equipped to deal with anything.

Don’t pray for no danger, danger is where we grow

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The man who refuses to fight his battles

The man who refuses to fight his battles
Ends up Fighting them in the end

-Alexander The Great (I think)

Avoidance, Hiding, Ignoring any of our problems does not solve them.

We all know this,

Debt will catch up as will ill health, or the emotions you’ve been suppressing…

Think of it as going to a battle but the enemy has not got all their troops ready,
Fighting a problem early on will finish the battle early on…

But leave the troops to reinforce and prepare and you have a full-blown battle on your hands…

It’s best to fight your demons head-on early on, rather than letting them manifest and grow…

Either way, you are fighting them