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What should I do from now on?

What should I do from now on?

Situations happen, we mess up, or somebody or something messes up…

And when it does its easy to focus on who, what or why it has messed up…

But to a degree this is pointless because whatever has happened has happened and focusing on that wont change that…

But if you switch the focus to what should I do from now on

It allows you to move forward and be productive, to make a change in the present to improve the future…

Yeah shit happens but it doesn’t mean we have to sit in it

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The man who refuses to fight his battles

The man who refuses to fight his battles
Ends up Fighting them in the end

-Alexander The Great (I think)

Avoidance, Hiding, Ignoring any of our problems does not solve them.

We all know this,

Debt will catch up as will ill health, or the emotions you’ve been suppressing…

Think of it as going to a battle but the enemy has not got all their troops ready,
Fighting a problem early on will finish the battle early on…

But leave the troops to reinforce and prepare and you have a full-blown battle on your hands…

It’s best to fight your demons head-on early on, rather than letting them manifest and grow…

Either way, you are fighting them

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That Somebody

I Am…


I am that somebody who can make a difference
I am that somebody who is responsible for my life
I am that somebody…

I am that somebody who will let others dictate what I do
I am that somebody who relies on others for my happiness
I am that somebody who will hope for the best and do nothing…

At the end of the day, we decide the type of somebody we can be.

We can decide that we are responsible for our health, for our wealth, for the shape of our relationships, how much we let others control us…

Or we can be that somebody who will pass the blame on to others because nothings our fault, Someone else is responsible for our health, wealth, happiness etc…

Who are you…
That is up for you to decide…

But also if you don’t like who you are, change is always an option…

Be that somebody.

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But where is the tutor for me

‘They say life is a test’
‘But where is the tutor for me’

-J Cole

Every day we get tested by things we were never taught, in fact, most things today that test us were not around 100,000 years ago whilst were evolving.

It’s a totally new environment

We get tested by
Money issues,
Relationship issues,
Stress and work issues,

A lot of the time we’re silently screaming for some help but we never know where to look,

We don’t even know we can seek help,

But today you can search google for the answers to your problems,
Watch youtube videos
buy books
and there are mentors in almost everything out there…

If your looking for a tutor start with one of them,

They won’t solve your problem because that requires work but they are like a lantern on a dark path.

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Problems open up possibilities

Problems open up possibilities

But only if your willing to admit that you have a problem.

Only if you are willing to admit that you have gone wrong somewhere.

Only then will the possibility present itself.

Because the mist will not clear and present the possibility of we are lying to ourselves and saying everything is ok when it isn’t.

Stop lying.
Admit you have a problem.
See the possibilitie it opens up.
Take action on it.