To Die in the present

To live in the past. To live in the past is to die in the present, What we had, has gone. Businesses, Relationships, Money, Cool Kid Status… Whatever it is, is no more. But that does not mean that we can not rebuild, Because we can. But we can’t rebuild in the past or theContinue reading “To Die in the present”

The Grinch couldn’t steal Christmas

The grinch couldn’t steal Christmas, because it’s not about the presents under the tree,Or who has the brightest lightsHe couldn’t steal Christmas because you can’t steal someone’s spirit In these hard times, it may feel like christmas has been stolen,But that’s only if you allow it toThey can try and blow the flame out ofContinue reading “The Grinch couldn’t steal Christmas”


Presents. Today kids will run straight to the tree that’s filled with presents, Adults will exchange gifts and visit loved ones (or family of loved ones) There will be drinks and laughs lots of food and maybe a few fights, But remember today isn’t about the presents under the tree it’s about the presence ofContinue reading “Presents.”