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Here & Now

Your pain is in the past
Your worries in the future,
Neither of them exist in the here and now

The future is imaginary, its filled with things we cannot see,
Yet thinking about this it does not allow us to be In the here and now

Your pain is in the past,
The rain never lasts
We cannot change the past
Yet we put so much strain on the brain
Thinking what would of happened if we did things a different way, thinking of things we didn’t say,
But the past has happened and that lead the way too
All that matters… the here and the now

Stop the chatter, just let it go
Otherwise you’ll never know
What it’s like to live in the here and the now

Your mind is making you blind, its grinding you down and making you frown over something that hasn’t even happened yet,

Your pain is in the past
Your worries in the future,
Neither of them exist right here in the now

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Today kids will run straight to the tree that’s filled with presents, Adults will exchange gifts and visit loved ones (or family of loved ones)

There will be drinks and laughs lots of food and maybe a few fights, But remember today isn’t about the presents under the tree it’s about the presence of you and the people around you,

They are the biggest gift of all, Life is strange, look around they might not be here next year, they may go travelling or lose contact, or you know pass,

But today they are here,

That’s what is important.

Enjoy the present of their presence

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The night before Christmas, We wonder about the gifts we’re going get or as we get older.

We wonder if the gifts we got others were enough,We stress about fitting everything in tomorrow, The cooking, the guests, the visits…

Instead of thinking about the gifts you’re going to get think about the gifts you were born with and what you can do with them, think how you can use these holidays to kick start the new year early and put them into motion…

After all, what better gift to give others is the gift of fulfilling your talents,The gift of inspiring others, the gift of your presence when you’re being your true self…

Just a thought…

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We need to practice

We don’t become virtuous by reading Epictetus or Seneca, We need to practice – Massimo Pigliucci

Practice, Practice, Practice that’s all we’re doing, all day every day,

The question is what are you practising?

Are you practising what you said you would or are you practising talking or quitting…

Talking about how you’re going to do this and how your going to do that Or quitting this because it didn’t work the first time

Jerry Seinfeld was booed off stage the first time he performed, did he quit… no, He practised

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The early bird can have the worm

“The early bird can have the worm, because worms are gross and mornings are stupid.”

‘You have to rise early to be successful’…

So I keep seeing, but is that all true?

Do you have to be part of the 5am club in order to achieve things?

There are some benefits of course, you can get more done, the rest of the world isn’t up yet, no distractions, You could essentially get a workout in, have breakfast and get the most important stuff done before 9am and have the rest of the day to do other stuff…

But if you anything like me then getting up at 5am is just plain useless,

In the book ‘The Power of When’ Dr Michael Breus Catergrizes humans into 4 main animal types (Dolphin, Lion, Bear and Wolf)

Dolphins and Lions are the early risers, whereas bears (Most of the population) their sleep and creative pattern falls more in line with the standard 9-5…

Then there are the wolves

‘Wolves have a medium sleep drive, they are nocturnal hunters.
There’s no way that a Woolf will wake up with a single alarm or go through the day without a few cups of coffee.

Wolves are moody pessimists, but they are also incredibly creative individuals.

They are impulsive and adventurous but tend to overdramatize from time to time and react with emotional intensity.

They prioritize pleasure before all, which is why they’d rather sleep than work in the morning.

They are most alert sometime around 7 p.m., and most productive late at night.

They have no idea why society is organized the way it is.’

(Summery copied for 12-minute blog)

The point is if your an early riser than enjoy your worms, if you’re more like a wolf, then make sure you utilise your most creative time in the evening and don’t waste it on the tv.