The Strong Start on Sunday

They say the week start on MondayBut the strong start on Sunday-Kanye West I fell into the habit of just letting my weeks start at default and just go with the flow, you know see what happens… Not much really, Apart from responding to events as and when they happen. The strong start on Sunday,Continue reading “The Strong Start on Sunday”

Plan all the way to the end

“Let all your efforts be directed to something, let it keep that end in view. It’s not activity that disturbs people, but false conceptions of things that drive them mad.” -Seneca, On Tranquility of Mind, 12.5 You’re suited up ready for action, ready to level up. You can see your target it’s locked in. YouContinue reading “Plan all the way to the end”

Even your hopes Get Tired

Everyone gets tired, Even your hopes Harshita J Doing the work is tiring. It does not always go to plan… We may fail and we may fall, We will definitely experience tiredness and fatigue… But if we have started the work then no matter how tired we become, We will have made progress… But ifContinue reading “Even your hopes Get Tired”

The importance of foundations.

The importance of foundations. When the tide is high, what lays upon the surface is hidden, Sharks, crabs, rocks, bones… are all hidden When the tide goes out these are all exposed. Life is like the tide and it’s why we need solid foundations. When the tide is in and everything is running smoothly weContinue reading “The importance of foundations.”