This is the power of silence, Grow silently

A seed grows with no noise, but a tree falls with huge sound, Destruction is loud but creativity is silent, This is the power of silence, Grow silently

I’m gonna
I’m gonna
I’m gonna

No, you’re probably not

I’ve had conversations like this all the time and looking back I’ve said my fair shares of I’m gonnas

I lot of them the ‘Not’ Was silent

I’ve also been on the receiving end of someones I’m gonna

There ‘Not’ Was also silent

I find it more powerful now to just say oh yeah I’ve done this by the way

And show the work I’ve actually done

If your ‘im gonna’ has gone on for over a week and you haven’t done anything to get started

Just tell your sell your full of shit and move on

At least then you can do something of use with yourself

Learn to lose in order to recover

Imitate the trees. Learn to lose in order to recover, and remember nothing stays the same for long’ – May Sarton

In the harshest winters, a tree will look dead, No leaves nothing… But after a harsh winter, that same tree will have the most gloriest spring…

You too will have harsh winters, will feel like you have lost everything… but in the time of struggle remember this is just a season in your life…

This too shall pass

and know that something beautiful is getting ready to spring, That beauty comes deep from within, deep down in your roots, it can’t be seen on the surface.

Don’t let the harsh times defeat you… ‘Nothing stays the same for long’

How we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives

How we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives – Anne Dillard.

Your reading this because you’ve logged onto social media I don’t know whether that it’s for the 1st time today during a quick break or its the 20th time in the space of 15 minutes and you’ve run out of things to read…

Hopefully, it’s the former not the latter.

If you spend your days killing time looking for an escape on reality then your life will resemble this and one day when you look back you will realise that your life was lived ‘killing time’

If you live out your days with meaning and passion your life will reflect meaning and passion, you will most likely have done something of meaning and eventually leave the world better than when you arrived.

Whatever you do today live it out how you want to live your life

A divided mind will fall (Part 2)

A divided mind will fall (Part 2)

Sometimes you need to fall.

Sometimes you need to hit the bottom.

At the bottom, you can find the resources to spark that fire that fell through the cracks of the middle.

At the bottom, there is nowhere to go but up.

At the bottom, we learn the dangers of a divided mind

At the bottom, we learn that comfort is a disguise for scared and lazy and we know where there leads…

Sometimes we need to fall in order to rise

A divided mind will fallĀ 

A divided mind will fallĀ  – Garret J White

When you want change but you’re scared of change, You will not change.

The fear will consume you, you will seek the comforts of what you know.

Rather than the uncertainty of change.

You will battle yourself daily, knowing that you should do something different but the voice in your head won’t let you.

You want change, you need to be certain that you want it, you can’t be torn between change and comfort (Old and New can’t live together remember) because comfort will win.

If your mind is split, dive deeper into why you want to change, take a look 5,10, 15 years down the line, how does your life look if you stay the same…