Exercise & Hardship

Exercise and hardships Exercise is one of those things that you either love or hate. Sometimes all you want to do is get down to the gym or go for a run and other days you have to battle with your mind and force yourself to work out. Exercise for our ancestors was part of…Continue reading “Exercise & Hardship”

On Changing Your Adobe

Check out this post from invictusvalor.com You want change my friend, you look in the mirror and hate what you see, You hear yourself talk but hate what you say, You watch yourself with your friends and hate how you act, You look at you bank statements and hate how you spend. So on MondayContinue reading “On Changing Your Adobe”

By Nature men are nearly alike

By Nature men are nearly alikeBy practice they get wide apart– Confucius We all have base level instincts and emotions, anger, sadness, happiness etc This is where we are all alike, but through practice or not is where we set ourselves apart One person can have desires for material things and always gives in toContinue reading “By Nature men are nearly alike”

Thank you for exposing me

Thank you for exposing me 2020 as we know wasn’t the best year… I had some ups and downs but funny enough I got to travel more in 2020 than I have any other year Most of us are glad to see the end of it, But after some reflectionI’m grateful that it happened ItContinue reading “Thank you for exposing me”

But Flesh and Blood

The wise man is not made of Iron and Stone, But Flesh and Blood. Ancient Philosophy. Anything ever done was done by a human being, meaning it is humanly possible for everyone to do if they put their mind to it. We’re all flesh and blood. We all have fears, we all have desires, WeContinue reading “But Flesh and Blood”