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Do some living

Do some living

Shit don’t always connect as soon as you press play
At times you gotta step away, do some livin’
Let time provide a new perception, givin’ truer vision
– J Cole

You can read something that is life changing, but if it doesn’t resonate with you at the time then it will go over your head

Sometimes we need to let life happen so we gain some new perspectives then something that we have read or watched will click

And were like how did we miss that

You ever rewatched a movie and be like ahh yeah I didn’t see that last time now I get it

That’s what we’re talking about here

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Blind To Possibilities

Blind to Possibilities

When we dwell on a problem, we get stuck in the cycle of the problem, our perspective is just the problem and other problems.

Remaining in the problem, blind us to possibilities.

We need to shift this perspective.

To shift the perspective we need to walk the block and look at it from everyone’s point of view.

And find the desired outcome.

Without shifting the perspective we just remain stuck in a pit and we’ll never grow.

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I saw this photo and it’s the best summery of perspective ever.

You may think your a lion, but others may see you as a dick.

Other times though you may think your a dick and others actually see you as an alpha leader.

What you see and what others see are completely different, in the end though do what works for you.