Show up and contribute

Show up and contribute That’s how we gain traction and progress. Show up and contribute to your body every day by choosing to exercise and eat healthier (or contribute to developing an unhealthy one it works both ways) Show up and contribute to your partner, to your business, to your blog… I had something likeContinue reading “Show up and contribute”

The Cost Of Victimhood

The Cost Of Victimhood When you look at anything in your life, You can see it comes down to one thing. Your results. You either get them or you don’t. That’s it. But we do one of two things when it comes to our results. We either Own Them Or make excuses for them. TheContinue reading “The Cost Of Victimhood”

Characters in a play

We all just characters in a playWe have our roles to playJust acting out each dayHoping we see another day But our role is not guaranteedOur contract might not get renewedOnce the curtain is calledWe leave an empty stage for our permanent retirement Let us act out each dayAs if it was our last performanceBecauseContinue reading “Characters in a play”


No. You and I are incomplete people. To become compleat we have to try new experiences, say something, go somewhere different… Why… New situations activate genes and these genes activate proteins that build new structures in the brain So doing the same things over and over again we never activate these genes and remain incompleteContinue reading “No.”

Things fall apart

Things fall apart, Nothing lasts forever and somethings are supposed to fall apart, Your gym trainers, you don’t buy them to keep them in the same condition, they were made to eventually wear out… Somethings fall apart when they could be held together, But we neglect them, There not that important until it’s too late,Continue reading “Things fall apart”