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Do some living

Do some living

Shit don’t always connect as soon as you press play
At times you gotta step away, do some livin’
Let time provide a new perception, givin’ truer vision
– J Cole

You can read something that is life changing, but if it doesn’t resonate with you at the time then it will go over your head

Sometimes we need to let life happen so we gain some new perspectives then something that we have read or watched will click

And were like how did we miss that

You ever rewatched a movie and be like ahh yeah I didn’t see that last time now I get it

That’s what we’re talking about here

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The picture isn’t reality

The picture isn’t reality.

You can put a dog,cat, rabbit… whatever in a picture and they look cute.

You can see a couple in a photo and think they are a dream couple and wish you had what they had

Pictures are captured in a second and a normally staged.

The reality is yeah pets are cute, but you still have to pick up their shit.

Yeah the couple may look cute and dreamy and you might resent your partner for not living up to that fantasy,

The reality though that couple didn’t even connect on that vacation, they spent it just posing for that one perfect picture

Stop basing your dreams on pictures you see,

They dont share the full story, they don’t share even half of it.

In life if you want something you have to do the work, and that work isn’t pretty. That work isn’t something you’ll see on social media.

Tune out of your phone and tune in to the real world.

It isn’t pretty, but at least its real

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Force The World To Deal With You

You have to decide who you are and force the world to deal with you, not with its idea of you.

James Baldwin

Everyone has a perception of who you are or who they want you to be,

Your friends,partners,parents,employer/ees.

They may tell you that you can’t do something, that you shouldn’t do something, that you’re not right for this or that

Because their version of you, you can’t.

And battling with other peoples perceptions can be draining.

But just because they don’t agree with what you are or want to do because it doesn’t fit their idea of you

Doesn’t mean you should not do it,

After all their perception of you is their problem.

Who you are

Be it.

They can deal with it or not, either way not your problem.

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Beyond that, who I am depends on what you want me to be

Beyond that, who I am depends on what you want me to be’

– The way of the peaceful warrior

I can’t imagine you doing that.
You.. doing that c’mon

You could run through buildings saving people from fires, but people would still perceive you how they want to perceive you and not for the hero you actually are

No matter what you do or how you act, who you are in the eyes of others is actually well out of our control.

Who we truly are, we will only know

I think the best example of this is when some bullshit stories get published about a celebrity,

Or someone gets falsely accused of something

The celebrity will always be branded as whatever the papers published

And the falsely accused person, even after they were proven innocent, in the eyes of others will always be shamed by what they didn’t do.

So all we can do is stay true to ourselves, do what we think is best for us and whatever anyone else thinks,

Well let them think that, because we do it to them too