Reacting adds fire to the fuel

Reacting in the heat of the moment normally sets ablaze a match where a match should not have been lit. Like a tiny spark in a Forrest, causing the Forrest to burn down. Reacting in the moment has a similar effect, it burns the fuel when it should have been stored away. Sometimes taking thatContinue reading “Reacting adds fire to the fuel”

Seeking praise

Seeking praise When one is Seeking praise one is admitting that they are less than the other person We are hoping that someone judges us as good and hoping that they like us… When we seek praise from other people we are essentially becoming slaves to their judgments And if we don’t receive that praiseContinue reading “Seeking praise”

You can’t talk butterfly language to Caterpillar people

You can’t talk butterfly language to Caterpillar people There is a weird moment when you have realised you have changed, Its a happy feeling but also sad as well… Because when you’re talking to the people closest to you they will tell you to shut up or stop going on about that thing again. AndContinue reading “You can’t talk butterfly language to Caterpillar people”

How much does it take to change?

How much does it take to change? They say, people don’t changeOr that it’s hard to change… But I disagree.It doesn’t take alot to change. Change can happen from the smallest things. Maybe something someone said that clicked with you. Or a book. I know many peoples lives had changed simply from reading a book.Continue reading “How much does it take to change?”

They’re All The Same.

They’re All The Same. You here that a lot right?You’ve probably even said it a lot… Its always them, Everyone else is the problem, Always them and never us. But if between every interaction, relationship or whatever it is are all the same, Lets use relationships for example… If all Men or Women are theContinue reading “They’re All The Same.”