To Die in the present

To live in the past. To live in the past is to die in the present, What we had, has gone. Businesses, Relationships, Money, Cool Kid Status… Whatever it is, is no more. But that does not mean that we can not rebuild, Because we can. But we can’t rebuild in the past or theContinue reading “To Die in the present”

The Weight and Filter of the past

The Weight and Filter of the past Is what we are basing our lives we live today on. What happened in the past does not equal your future… But when you look out of the horizon on your future, you are looking through a lens that is filtered from past mistakes. So you cannot getContinue reading “The Weight and Filter of the past”

Do not stumble on something behind you

Seneca On this road we call life, we’re supposed to be heading forwards into the misty unknown Yet we always end up falling backwards Overstuff, we passed miles back, Over the past. Something that has happened and we have absolutely no control over.Yet it’s like we’re walking in circles always returning to the same nightmareWhenContinue reading “Do not stumble on something behind you”