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Strive For Meaning..

‘What Man Actually Needs is not a Tensionless State but rather the Striving and Struggling for some Goal Worthy of Him’
 Viktor Frankl
I’ll never forget the time I got sacked right after my Nans funeral, I don’t think there will ever be a time that will be worse than that and if there is I certainly will not be looking forward to it..

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Change Requires Challenge..

From Instagram – @roy_eastham
‘Why you here, Why you inflicting this pain upon yourself, You could of gone home straight home, Your tired, You don’t need to be here’ – My base level self going to the gym straight after the 11th nights work in a row..
You ever have those workouts where you wonder why your here.. When everyone else is in bed, or sat in Starbucks before work and your putting your self through self inflicted physical pain..

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Elysium is a Myth..

Midnight Meditations, Extended from Instagram Go Follow – @roy_eastham
Don’t you get it.. theres always going to be another problem, A situation arise after one just solved. Bigger, Smaller, Repackaged in the form of a person or a bill..
Its nature, Its the law.. Just like when you jump.. Unless the world stops spinning were coming back down.
You climb to the top of the mountain only to find that theirs more mountains to climb.

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