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Don’t be mad a people who take advantage of what you take for granted

Don’t be mad a people who take advantage of what you take for granted – J Cole


Every day, there is opportunity surrounding you.

Yet you use this opportunity to be mad at people who you deem as successful or better than you.

The only difference between them and you is they took action on what you take for granted… Everyday opportunity surrounds you… Opportunity to be healthier (gym memberships are ridiculously cheap nowadays)

Opportunity to make more money on the side – the device your reading this off can also make you a ton of money… Theirs free education all over the internet, you can get a book delivered the next day or even read to you on audible… Just because you take all this for granted, Don’t be mad at those who don’t.

There is only one slight difference between them… They do

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Make Your Own Good Fortune..

Screenshot 2018-06-03 07.39.32
I used to be stuck in that ‘There just lucky’ Mindset,
I remember the personal training days, When I would sit or stand at the top of the stairs
Waiting for people to approach me, They rarely if ever did..
(* The only time I actually got ‘Lucky’ standing at the top of the stairs was when my girlfriend at the time walked in and I was the 1st person she saw and approached for PT)

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Rewrite Your Story

For Years I was broke, I kept telling myself I was.. I stayed Broke, I let being broke hold me back, I can’t afford to do that, Or if I had x amount of cash I could do this.
For years I told myself I’m an asshole and don’t like people, The reason is because im introverted who lacks confidence and people skills.. I never challenged that and therefore never grew my weakness.. It was easier to be an ‘Asshole’ than try and engage in awkward conversation.
These were the stories I kept telling my self

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