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Or Lose The Chance

Take The Risk, Or Lose The Chance

Is a quote I see in the entrepreneur world, All over Instagram and the likes…

It implies that you need to make quick decisions and snap up whatever is in front of you right away. It makes you think that if I wait then I’m going to lose this opportunity and there will be no more.

It also rushes you into making the decision and not truly thinking through whether it is actually an opportunity or not.

Sometimes the risk you need to take is to wait.

That’s right wait, instead of snapping up the first thing that comes along.

Wait and the opportunity will arise.

Rush and what you thought was an opportunity was actually disaster in disguise.

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Bad chapters can still create great stories

Bad chapters can still create great stories

  • Cynthia Thurlow

Real life isn’t a movie or a book so that magical ending isn’t going to automatically happen,

But if you keep pushing through your struggles, through the hard times

Then you can turn this bad chapter into a great story but not if you settle this chapter for the ending.

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Instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers

So you plant your own garden and decorate your own soul,
Instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.

Veronica Shoffstall

No one is responsible for your happiness,
And your not responsible for anyone else’s

No one is responsible for your growth
No one is responsible for your career
No one is responsible for the actions you take, or dont take

Stop waiting for other people to solve your problems,
Stop blaming other people,

Just get out there and tend to your garden and watch what happens

It’s all on you.

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Don’t be mad a people who take advantage of what you take for granted

Don’t be mad a people who take advantage of what you take for granted – J Cole


Every day, there is opportunity surrounding you.

Yet you use this opportunity to be mad at people who you deem as successful or better than you.

The only difference between them and you is they took action on what you take for granted… Everyday opportunity surrounds you… Opportunity to be healthier (gym memberships are ridiculously cheap nowadays)

Opportunity to make more money on the side – the device your reading this off can also make you a ton of money… Theirs free education all over the internet, you can get a book delivered the next day or even read to you on audible… Just because you take all this for granted, Don’t be mad at those who don’t.

There is only one slight difference between them… They do